i am so embarrassed by this... i'm so sorryy
hey!!!! welcome 2 my WEB SITE
i hoep u enjoy... the KOOL STUFF we have here!
my name is PANDORA, or SCREAMR , i do art of all sorts. mostly
i'm 17 yrs old, vaguely a girl...thing, and i really like to draw dogs and make dog music. i try my best.
check out these links!!! (they dont work yet)

art tunez

while you're here...!! here are some old... and very (intentionally) bad personal websites i made to share w/ friends. feel free to check them out yourself, because there's nothing really cool on this website yet.

shit wix site from around 2016.
i plan on migrating the "spoky story tiem" page here because its full of funny dumb stuff made w/ online madlibs websites.
oh god....
this is from around 2015-2016? welcome 2 hell.
gamer update: too embarrassed to update my wwebsite, i really don't want to think about it anymore